Nive Dive was created for marketers and decision makers. The platform monitors thousands of indicators, collects data from the most important online campaign sources, measures and integrates your business data, and shows your results in line with pre-defined key performance indicators and business objectives.

Connect Nive Dive to your marketing campaigns to have personalized performance indices and ROI for your business.


Significantly improve how you do business

Unify your company’s data and empower decision makers

In order to calculate the ROI of digital marketing you need to have input from sales, marketing, finance, and management. Thanks to Nive Dive your campaign data is matched with your business data so that it’s directly attributable to your bottom line. Constantly improve your product, campaign strategy, and set-up thanks to the platforms insights.


Strategically plan your marketing campaigns

Take the guess work out of your digital marketing strategy


Every business needs a tailor made winning strategy if it’s to meet its business goals. Nive Dive helps you clearly lay out the foundation of your digital strategy by identifying the mix and weight of your key performance indicators (KPIs) before you launch.


Analyze your business’ performance with integrated internal and external data

Match your campaign indicators with your financial data

Nive Dive comes through where most other platforms fall short when it comes to ROI calculation: we help you aggregate and analyze data from internal company data and external platform data. This is the only true way to calculate what the actual return is on your marketing investments.


Real time monitoring for your marketing campaigns

Manage the progress of your campaigns and improve them on a day-to-day basis


Nive Dive connects directly to the platforms where your digital marketing campaigns live. This means that the data is updated and elaborated in real time. Don’t stop at simply adjusting campaign settings, look beyond to understand what’s working and why.


The digital marketing ROI platform you’ve been waiting for

Understand the real returns are on your marketing investments

How many users have been transformed into consumers thanks to your campaign? How many leads did you convert? How likely is it that a consumer will purchase the same product with your company? These are the real numbers that Nive Dive analyzes to give you a ROI calculation like you’ve never seen before.